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HEY KIDS! So, I thought it would be a BRILLIANT-


idea to start up one of those Helpline type things! Except, instead of a Helpline, this is more like an ask me anything line. Kinda like those "Ask Debbie" columns in newspapers, except I'm way more awesome than Debbie. Debbie sucks. She's a two-bit-

(-Is Debbie a real person?)

No, I just made her up. Why?

(You might want to get on with your point...)

OH! Yeah. That's better than Debbie. EVERYTHING is better than-


*clears throat* So yeah! Ask me anything. Seriously. I will answer any and all questions you have with a little bit of the old DP wisdom. I can't guarantee that you'll like the answers, that they'll be right, that they won't involve hitting on you if you're a hottie, etc etc, but you'll definitely get an answer that you weren't looking for!

(Because if they REALLY wanted serious answers, they'd just go to fucking Debbie.)


052. Lost

Mar. 28th, 2013 09:51 pm
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The end would come when Jennie’s family would move to a better section of town. Someone got a raise or promotion, and that meant escape. Wade would watch from afar as he lost her in slow motion, box after furniture after box loading into a truck. Jennie would be the last to be packed into a car with her puppy. She would look back. She would wave, and he would wave back.

“I thought about killing her, you know,” Leo would say beside him, watching with a serene smile.

Wade would punch Leo in the face. Leo’s nose would shatter.

066. Money

Mar. 28th, 2013 09:34 pm
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Leo had paid Wade ten dollars for killing Jennie’s dog. It was a symbol. He hadn’t wanted to accept the money, but he had because he knew that he had to. It had gone into a jar with all of the other money he’d ever earned for his pranks. The money had been for Wade’s pipe dream to own the pet Derrick would never let him have.

But in this, neither Derrick nor Leo would win. Now Wade had the money to adopt a puppy, and he did. For brief hours it was his, until he left it on Jennie’s doorstep.

021. Alone

Mar. 28th, 2013 09:31 pm
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For the rest of the school year, Jennie would leave Wade alone. He avoided her as much as possible, and she respected his space with the exception of one time, weeks later, in the lunchroom. That day, Leo was out sick, and Wade sat alone. She very pointedly walked up, set her tray down, and sat across from him. For the entire lunch hour, she would not speak, not even once. He didn’t speak either.

With that act, she highlighted his choice to be alone. The company of a devil was no company at all.

But he made that choice.

071. Phone

Mar. 28th, 2013 09:19 pm
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Jennie called. Wade did not answer. She called many times, but he would not pick up the phone. For her part, she was persistent. For his part, he knew better than to give in. She was upset, angry, confused, and sad. He knew that. She probably wanted to understand, perhaps to make things right. He knew that too. Just as she had known with the pony tail, she must have known now.

But Wade knew better. In his life, there was an angel and a devil to choose between, and he had to choose the devil to save the angel.

051. Death

Mar. 26th, 2013 10:28 pm
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What Wade saw when he arrived for Watson’s walk was the end of anything that could have been. A dog’s shrieks of pain were not quite so human as a raccoon’s, but there was at least as much feeling to them. Watson looked to Wade, and his eyes pled for release. He was dying, and slowly.

There was only one thing to do. Leo offered a knife. Numb, Wade took it. He killed quickly. Behind them, a scream of the purest anguish split the air, like a raccoon. Wade looked back.

“I’m sorry.” He fled, tears streaming.

“Bullseye.” Leo smiled.

087. Hobby

Mar. 26th, 2013 10:04 pm
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THWAK. THWAK. THWAK. Each knife went unerringly into the raccoon Leo had impaled to the wall by it’s shoulders. It’s squeals of pain were surprisingly human. They made Wade think of a small child in pain.

“New hobby?” He shoved his hands in his pockets, trying not to look uncomfortable.

“Yep.” THWAK. Wade suspected he was intentionally not killing it quickly.


“Because I’m bored. And I’m good at it. What are you good at?”

“I could do that.”

Leo offered a knife. Wade took it and looked at it. He’d never killed before. Now he killed quickly. Leo frowned.

091. Trap

Mar. 26th, 2013 09:33 pm
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“Drop her.”

“What?? Aw! Is somebody getting jealous? Want a little cuddle?”

“No. Drop her or something bad will happen.” Leo’s voice on the other end of the line was even, calm, and in that perpetual state of amused yet cold.

“What? Now you sound like Derrick. Ass.”

“You’ve gone soft. You’re better than this.”

“Shut up. I have not. Just because I’m not spending as many hours in detention-”

“What are you doing later? Want to hang out? The K-Mart wall needs tagging again.”

“Can I do it tomorrow? We’re walking Watson.”

Leo hung up. Wade felt no guilt.

069. Kiss

Mar. 26th, 2013 08:31 pm
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The one kiss ever shared between them came after he stormed out of his house, his father’s incoherent yells chasing them both out. He was feeling so much that he didn’t know what to do.

“Wade! Stop!”

He stopped. Jennie, a little out of breath, caught up to him. She hugged him fiercely. “He’s wrong, you know.”

Wade shook his head. She kissed his forehead. It didn’t stop the tears of anger, shame, sorrow, and so many other feelings, but it did pierce right through everything and get his attention. One simple, non-romantic kiss, and it meant so very much.

028. Try

Mar. 26th, 2013 08:16 pm
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Once, and only once, did Wade try having Jennie over to his house, and only because she insisted. It wasn’t that he didn’t love his dad – but he knew what his dad was and he was embarrassed. It is sad that the visit did not go worse than imagined.

“Pick it up you little shit.” Derrick stood over a tumbler that he himself had drunkenly knocked over. Wade complied, hoping to end it quickly.

“Bastard left me alone in the world,” Derrick looked up at Jennie. “And you know what, little girl? He’s gonna ruin you too. Mark my words.”

047. Love

Mar. 26th, 2013 07:54 pm
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Inasmuch as any twelve year old boy could be in love, Wade was in love. He adored Jennie. She seemed to be equally fond of him. Did they call it love, though? Perhaps. But was it the same kind of love that characterizes romance? Wade might have thought so as he lay awake at night thinking about her. But at that age, love and its nuances are easily confused.

Jennie and Wade never dated. They never called themselves anything. There were no titles other than “friend”. In many senses, they understood love better than most because they didn’t need definition.
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Jennie had a dog. It had been a birthday present from her father once upon a time after a business trip, and now it was several years old. He was a mid-sized mutt of a hound named Watson. Sherlock would have been too cliché, she said. She liked Watson better, because he worked for his intelligence.

They took walks with Watson. He had never told her about his wanting a pet, but as with most things, she just seemed to know. Those walks were some of the best times he had that year. She loved that dog. And he smiled.

025. Game

Mar. 25th, 2013 09:05 pm
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When Jennie suggested hanging out, Wade jumped on it. They met at her house because he wouldn't expose her to Derrick. Especially not when he was drinking again. Leo did not know of this meeting; he hated her at this point.

Wade wondered what they would do. He had no idea how to have anything normal. When she suggested a game of Sorry, he just nodded with a smile. She smirked. It was a joke that he didn’t quite get – she was giving him an apology that he had never been able to make.

“Your move, Wade Wilson.” She smiled.

094. Rain

Mar. 25th, 2013 08:30 pm
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When he saw her on his bus stop, Wade froze. The rain drove down in sheets between them, cold and nasty. Jennie lived somewhere near him. She shivered and folded her arms under her chest, rain dripping down her face. For some reason, she didn’t have an umbrella.

Jennie had been the butt of several pranks since that first one, but none by Wade. The smile had disarmed him. Nobody had ever smiled at him like that. Leo, however, had done his best to make up for Wade’s lack.

Wade walked up to her and shared his umbrella. She smiled.

055. Smile

Mar. 25th, 2013 08:15 pm
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“Do it,” Leo hissed, grinning at Wade.

“How much did you get?”

“Five bucks. One dollar finder’s fee for me, four dollars for your porn.” Leo had taken up a collection to pay Wade to yank the new girl’s ponytail. The thing was, he had to do it during class, which guaranteed trouble.

“All right.” He looked at the inviting ponytail. Poor girl was too smart for her own good. She’d been branded a nerd.

Wade reached out and yanked. Jennie shrieked. She whipped around and glared at Leo. But it was the strangest thing…she smiled at Wade. She knew.
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Wade found escape in being the class clown. Leo found pleasure in other people’s pain. Wade craved attention. Leo craved anonymity. The friendship that followed was that of a fool and his patsy, but despite that it thrived. Under Leo’s influence, Wade’s pranks, ever outlandish, took a violent turn every now and then. Under Wade’s influence, Leo learned to make things entertaining. Both were loved and hated, as most class clowns are.

They would meet the one to change their dynamic in the seventh grade. Her name was Jennie, with an “ie”, and she would be Wade’s very first love.
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“Here.” Wade set a bottle of good Scotch down in front of Derrick.

“Thanks.” Derrick opened it and poured. There were no questions about where it had come from or how Wade had gotten it.

“Tell me a story. About ‘Nam.”

The man looked at the boy, already more a man than the father. For a few seconds, he appraised him. Then he nodded. No smile – just a nod. What he did do was pour Wade his first drink and shove it over to him. Then he began the story of the time he earned his Purple Heart. Wade listened.
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Wade stared at fading bruises in the mirror. At twelve, he had realized that his father was no war hero. At thirteen, he had called Derrick on it. And at thirteen, he had learned that his father believed his own fantasies so much that he would hurt his own son to protect those lies. His world was that fragile. The truth would break him.

He resolved something right then. The boy would not become the father. He would never lose himself in his own fantasies. No matter how bad it got.

It was not a promise that he would keep.
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For all his faults, Derrick was not a physically abusive man. Verbally, yes. But not physically. It wasn’t because he was a good person; it was because he was too weak of a person. Too afraid. But he did hit Wade once, the very first, and only, time Wade every suggested his war stories were lies. Wade crumpled to the ground. But he got back up. He hit back. And his dad beat the shit out of him, but it wasn’t a clean fight. Both walked away with many, many bruises. Wade’s bruises would heal. His father’s most likely wouldn’t.
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Derrick Wilson was not a Canadian. His son was, because he had been born there, but he was not. He was an American that had fled the Vietnam draft many years ago. He had been an expatriate then, and his son, following in his footsteps, was now at the ripe old age of thirteen. Deeply conservative and unable to reconcile that with his lack of patriotism, he had a dozen stories of his time as a war hero in ‘Nam. Not even his son believed them any more, and he was the only one who ever had. But Derrick believed.
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